Self-Reflection: The Path to Inner Healing

“Physician, heal thyself.” – Bible, Luke 4:23

I promise, this isn’t a blog post about self-medicating pain away, but instead I want you to realize that for most of your problems, you don’t need an outside source to tell you what’s the right and wrong thing to do. In fact, the act of healing yourself, emotionally, starts by asking yourself the questions, and answering yourself honestly.

It’s not merely about introspection but about a deep, empathetic understanding of one’s emotional state. There is no room for self-deception here, but an intense need for self-honesty. It’s not just about identifying your emotions, but also understanding why they emerge, how they affect you, and what they mean for your personal growth.

Some useful tools in helping to heal, is writing down how you feel, and it doesn’t matter if you write in on paper (even though for me this is the most therapeutic of all ways), or send an email to yourself, but make sure that you’re honest with our feelings. No one should be able to read these thoughts, they’re your thoughts, let them out, because if you can’t be open and honest with yourself, you can’t be that way with anyone.

Expanding on that, consider this writing process as a safe space for your innermost thoughts and feelings. This is a judgment-free zone, solely for your self-expression. It’s not about right or wrong, good or bad, but about expressing and acknowledging what you feel. The very act of putting pen to paper can be a cathartic experience, offering a release of pent-up emotions, and aiding in the journey towards self-healing.

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