Friends by Chance, Siblings by Choice: A Tribute to True Friendship

“Friends are the siblings God never gave us.” – Mencius.

I was never the life of the party, but I do have some really great people around me. Friends, true friends, not the kind you party with, but more of the kind you can cry in front of…if men cried that is (yes I’m old school).

One person started as a work colleague, but became a friend, and now we keep finding ways to work together. Whenever I get in a company, I try to get him in the company and vice-versa. Recently, with the trials and tribulations of my work, out of nowhere, someone unfairly criticized me. I really did feel a little taken aback by it, but then my friend not only came to my aide, but also dispelled all the false statements.

Sometimes you don’t need a ton of friends, sometimes you just need a few really loyal ones.

Now, I’ve always believed that the measure of a man isn’t how many beers he can chug in a minute, or how many hotdogs he can down at a tailgate party (though, let’s be honest, both of those feats are pretty impressive in their own right). No, the true measure of a man is the company he keeps.

You see, friends aren’t just the people who laugh at your jokes or who’ll help you move a couch. True friends are the ones who’ll stand up for you when you’re not around. They’re the ones who’ll go to bat for you, even if it means stepping on a few toes. They’re the ones who’ll pick you up when you’re down, dust you off, and send you back into the fray with a pat on the back and a kick in the pants.

That’s the kind of friend I’m talking about. The kind of friend who becomes more than a friend – a brother or sister in arms. Someone who’s seen you at your worst and still thinks you’re pretty great. Someone who doesn’t just tolerate your quirks, but actually kinda likes them. That’s the kind of friend that Mencius was talking about.

Sure, it’s great to have a whole bunch of friends, but quantity can never replace quality. You don’t need an army, just a few good men… or women. So, folks, take a moment to appreciate those true friends in your life. The ones who have been there through thick and thin, the ones who have become the siblings you never had.

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