Silent List Building

Everybody knows that the money is in your LIST.  Marketers have been stuffing that message down your throat for years.  They are absolutely right. it is key.


There is a new strategy called "Silent List Building". that is taking previous average marketers to the next level all through the online marketing community.

IMAGINE being able to build "Your List"  without ever having to ask for an eMail.......   Curious?  Read on......


"Finally some synergy in internet marketing" with the Silent List Building Method

I was a Civil Engineer a few years back that made the shift to marketing online back in 2011.  Like all new marketers I struggled, badly, information overload grabbed me hard and i found myself in constant learning mode.  Constantly looking for the latest push button solution but never really finding one, probably because one did not exist.

I found myself jumping from one program to the next chasing the next shiny object.  Lost like a shoal of sardines swimming in the ocean looking for the next food source, constantly being attacked by sharks (Internet Guru's) feeding....


As an engineer I understood some basic principles....  You need certain components in place for things to work.  If you tried building a structure  with the wrong materials it would simply fail.

Yes I build some teams and had some success along the way, but it wasn't until I discovered the silent list building method, training and mentorship with Dom and 2help2,  that all the components came together.

Finally I had "Synergy" in my marketing, everything in one place.

4 Must Have Components To Online Success

Traffic - The Machine - Product - Mentorship

You need constant eyeballs on your content with all the tools, sites, funnels, capture pages, auto responders, emails, plugins, webinars..........  that all integrate together seamlessly to convert those eye balls to sales.


Knowing what to sell and how to sell it is the final piece of the puzzle.

Knowledge or an understanding of what is required, coupled with a simple method to implement it, will give you purpose and direction in what you do.

With clarity in your actions as I found with mine, your efforts are focused on tasks that produce results and therefore you will get to your desired outcome much faster.

But hey, it's not just me that has discovered the golden goose, many of my team mates have too.  I invite you to access the same training I did when i first discovered the silent list building method.

Just enter a username and sign in with facebook and gain instant access.

Feel free to check out a few testimonials below.


Hey guys it's Andrew Twelftree here from Australia, I'm a civil Engineer who made the shift to marketing online about 6 years ago. I use Silent List Building to build huge targeted lists for my businesses.

This strategy has allowed me to work and live overseas on an extended holiday.

When I first watched the video's your about to see with Dom, It blew my mind it was even possible. The Video's are free to watch and what you'll learn, I'm sure, will change your game too!

Hi it's John Pike here from Adelaide, South Australia.   Although I studied Engineering, I've ended up working in Purchasing for most of my career.

I got into online marketing as a way to develop time and money freedom.

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about a strategy that has made a massive difference to my online marketing.

I was able to generate over 200 free leads in a period of only 48 hours.

I love the in-depth training, as well as the value in the free videos.
I highly recommend you look at the free training video's within to take your business to the next level.

Gail from  here from the United Kingdom.    I've been marketing online for a while now with limited success.

I got into online marketing as a way to earn some extra cash.


I love the training Dom provides in the free videos.

I recommend you look at the video's within to take your business to the next level as it has mine.

I Can Share With You How This Powerful System

Has Changed My Online Career and How It Can For

YOU TOO.....

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