How to Easily Create Your Own Blog logo, Images or Banners

How to create your own blog logo mobile

Back in the day a simple banner image for your blog was more than enough, but because of the dominance now of mobile technology use of a different method has emerged.

A logo as seen in the banner is more responsive to different platforms.  For example see the image to the left, is it this site on a mobile phone.

Notice the logo remains and the menu collapses to a button, still looking good.

In the video below I give you some strategies on how to create banner images, but at about the 6 minute mark i show you how to use a site called where you can crop an image ie photo of you so there is no background.

Watch this first and i will teach you how to create a blog logo below.

How to Create a PNG Logo

png or portable network graphic is an image with no background.  like so...

How to create your own blog logo mobile png

This logo is the one used at the top of this blog.  this png is 450x120 pixels.

Watch the video below for instruction on exactly how to create something like this one.



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