How To Create Instant Authority With Your Prospects

Creating Authority with your prospects is key in the recruiting process as you build your online business.

Now by authority I mean in the eyes or your prospect that you are a leader that they can get value from.  That you can help them get to where they want to go.

With authority comes credibility and trust.

Without that you will struggle to recruit anybody.

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Creating content is key to getting instant authority, credibility and trust with your prospect.

We all know that people only buy from someone they know like and trust right....

So all that remains is for them to like you, so how do you achieve that.  Personally I leave people an easy way to contact me, then I simply have a conversation.  Make them laugh and find 3 things in common...  Then, It's human nature they will like you.

All that remains is to make an offer that solves a problem or realizes a desire, with some sense of scarcity or urgency and boom, you make the sale....

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