How a struggling Network Marketer went from ZERO to FREEDOM.

Unfortunately it's a common thing in the network marketing industry that people don't make the money they want to make. In fact it's estimated that 95% of people fail. Is this you?

So many people struggle to find leads for their business and when they do it's a challenge to find a way of introducing their business. And I think most of us know what it's like to hear " So what are you doing now?"

Add in non supportive or even negative partners and/or spouses, trying to cut the learning curve, training that promises the Earth but does nothing when you follow it, putting in long hours without making a decent return and it's easy to see why the failure rate is so high.

But i would like to share with you how i turned that all around and i hope it helps you too.

My Background is varied and diverse, life simply threw me in different directions. I studied straight out of school to earn a degree in civil engineering, lots of partying and little bit a study, but i scraped through and graduated. Low and behold right at the time i graduated, Australia was in the recession we had to have thank you Paul Keating (Australian Prime Minister at the time). No engineering jobs to be had. Yay

By chance I had a friend who had just won a contract to distribute car and truck tires throughout South Australia, so i jumped on board. It was hard and dirty work coming home head to toe in tire black which is near on impossible to get out. It did keep some money in my pocket so it served it's purpose, until not long after they lost the contract, what now?

One of the transport depots I used to deliver tires to had an opening, so i bought a cheap truck and started delivering general freight, it got to the point where i upgraded my truck to a larger one and took on a run to a neighboring city on top of the general freight i was delivering. Good money but the hours when from 3.30am to about 6.30pm five days a week. Crazy right. That company closed unannounced on one fine Christmas eave. Merry Xmas.......

During this time i had my first attempt at networking with Amway. I was young and maybe not ready but it seemed i had spent a lot of time an money traveling to "Show the Plan" and buy tapes and books to keep me engaged. I had built a decent sized team that basically quit overnight putting me back to square one.

I needed a change, i was sick and tired of flogging myself driving trucks - I believe in law of attraction and things often go your way if you think the right way. Within a day I had found a job in a hotel not too far away. I built my way up to assistant manager fairly quickly. The manager who obviously felt threatened by my quick rise through the ranks decided that he would "play with the roster" giving me all the not so good shifts. Long story short, it was time to move on.

Wanting to better myself and get back to my trade i looked at ways to back into the construction industry. I got a leg in the door and became a salesman for a home builder in Adelaide. Made OK money and was there near 5 years.

During this time i had got married and pumped out three beautiful children who I love. But with the long hours and evening sales calls, missed too much time with them.

Oh and through that 5 year period I became involved with a phone networking company that couldn't deliver on the their promises and eventually disappeared. Then a home products company that pulled out of Australia after i had built a team of over 100 people. Man seriously..........

I really needed to get out of that job - I wasn't going anywhere and had no scope for promotion.

I took a pay cut to then work for a small engineering firm that was willing to give me a shot with no real experience. It panned out because within a year a large construction company started attempting to poach the good foremen. I found out who was making the calls, and rang to "warn him off" but with the intension of being poached myself at a significant pay increase. It worked. LOL.

I was with that company for 4 years and worked my way up to project manager, running my own jobs. Nearing the end of what turned out to be my last project there i was called into the office....... I thought they wanted to send me to a remote location to run a project, but it turned out they sent me to the street, on the spot, without my phone, computer, company car or even a lift home...... Turned out I was one of many that got retrenched that way, that day...... Bastards....

The day before i had just settled on a unit and was in process of moving in......... So there i was instantly unemployed, new mortgage, no car, no phone and only the old laptop from 5 years before. I thought to myself F*#K THIS, I need to take control of my own life, there must be a better way.

That's where i turned to the internet. I spent countless hours scouring the net for the solution, there were so many programs that promised it and never delivered. I was burning through my savings fast. I ultimately came across MLSP which teaches attraction marketing. I embarked on setting up my own self hosted blog, learn HTML, coding, plugins, SEO......... 3 months later. The blog wasn't generating leads even after a couple of months worth of consistent posting.

I then decided to add video marketing, built 12 channels up, spent time and money ranking the videos, started to get a constant flow of leads before Youtube decided to close all 12 without notice or reason. At that time my ego took a huge blow, it could have broken my spirit but I knew I had to make it - what was my alternative? Go get a job? It's the entrepreneurial life or bust for me.

Started selling on eBay and earnt enough to get by, kind of..... Tried a couple of more programs that looked promising, but never took off. I was well and truly lost, confused and stuck in information overload. Pitching and selling people into the next best system, product or program. No team duplication, not much money. Slowly increasing my debt to almost breaking point. My attitude was effected as well, if felt like everything i tried turned to SH*T.. I'm sure many could relate because it's a common story throughout the industry. Very tough times.

Just when I was all but broken, enter fate. I was shown a program that would give me direct access to a mentor., I plain and simple didn't have the money to join even though I knew it would change my life. Credit cards maxed already owing money to my family, I mooped around the house for hours analyzing my situation.

I had to surrender my pride and surrender my ego, then ask my family for help. Thank god i did, Dad helped me "one last time". My life changed forever.

Let me give you a couple of insights, so you can see what changed things for me.

As I mentioned above, I had some experience in network marketing but no real success to speak of. I was pitching and selling, hitting facebook friends up, getting ignored messages and defensive responses. Yes I sponsored some people, but never got any real duplication. What was I doing wrong?

Insight Number 1 - "oh my God - your a salesman - we have our work cut out for us" is what my mentor said to me. "It's good to be able to sell to build this business isn't it?" ---> "So hows that working out for you then?" Say no more.....

He then told me that this industry is about people, not products or systems, compensation plans, features or benefits. "Don't talk about the company or the products..... Talk about them" At first this didn't make sense to me, until the penny dropped.

Insight number 2 - this is a relationship business or friends for life business. Have you noticed that just putting your link out there works less and less these days? It's because there is no connection. People do business with people they know like and trust. Just speak to people and be a real person.

Insight number 3 - The money in in the list.

We implement a secret Silent List Building strategy using facebook, that anyone - even a newbie - can utilize to get a constant stream of qualified people to talk to.

So armed with these and several other nuggets that I now teach my team, I went out and enrolled 4 people in my first week. I could tell my mindset was changing, my confidence growing and I was now a lot happier. I kept practicing and looking at my results rather than beating myself up if it didn't work. Very quickly I started to sponsor in effect "At Will"..... After 60 days I had built a growing team, caught my debt and bought back my freedom. I was so excited that now i just want to go out and help everyone find their purpose and get the freedom they deserve.

My purpose now is to help you avoid the struggles i had to go through, missing the children growing up, spending time with your loved ones, long commutes and the stress of a job. I love being able to work from home and help others to do the same.

Now rather than send you off to a crappy ebook to get your email address, I invite you to connect with me personally. Send me a message or contact request saying "I just read your story" and tell me a little bit about yourself and what you would like to achieve. I help a lot of people so please be patient. Note: The more information you can provide, the better I will be able to help you in the time we will have together.

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