4 Secrets To Finding Content As A Content Marketer

4 Secrets To Finding Content As A Content Marketer

What are the secrets to finding content as a content marketer?

Today we will supply you with a content marketing strategy that will draw people towards you generating leads and sales for your online business.

Allow me to teach you how to find all the content idea’s you will ever need.....

Best Way To Finding Content As A Content Marketer

I did promise 4 secrets to finding content, but first, you need to identify YOUR Target Market.  No matter what niche your in you need to determine what your prospects pain points are, then with your posts, irritate the pain then provide a solution.

Secret One – Content Marketing Strategy

ILT – Invest Learn Teach.  Let me explain.  Invest your time and sometimes your money to learn new skills and then teach those newly acquired skills to the new up and comer.

Even if you only have one skill, teach it.  To someone that is just starting out may find your content and learn from it.  Human nature will have them see you as an authority and expert in that field.  Learn more, teach more, learn more teach more….

Thats the beauty of building a blog.  You do the work once and it stays done.  In time you can start targeting all the major keywords in your niche and start to build pages hitting the supporting keywords and silo your site.  A topic for another day…  Very powerful.


Secret Two – Content Marketing Tips

Look at your target market industry magazines, the cover alone will have 5-6 headlines of pain points for your niche.  Multiple mags will supply multiple headlines x5.

Secret Three – Content Marketing Skills

Find Industry leaders Blogs, drill down and find idea’s from them.

Now as I stated in my video, Don’t Copy.  It will not get you anywhere.  Take the idea, learn what they teach, put your own spin on it and then teach it to others.  Copying other people blogs will get you nowhere, put your own spin on it and it will get you everywhere.

Secret Four – Serious Content Marketer

Industry Forums, you can join and search industry forums for peoples struggles and there will be plenty of content there.  In fact, you can directly answer these posts by creating your content and supplying it as an answer.  Great targeted traffic.

Summary on Content Marketing

Finding Quality content is easy.  Now that you have acquired this skill…..

Teach it  lol.

Nuff Said.


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